Portland Music Festival featuring ALL LOCAL ARTISTS

Friday and Saturday

Nov 20 & 21

Dante's and Star Theater

Doors 7pm / Music 8pm

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Two nights, two venues, 20 great bands! All bands play 45-minute sets starting on the hour.

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Fri Nov 20 at Dante's

8pm - Flurries
9pm - The Last Draw
10pm - Metts, Ryan, and Collins
11pm - Michael Dean Damron
12am - pseudoboss

Fri Nov 20 at Star Theater

8pm - Redcast
9pm - Bart Hafeman
10pm - Haley Johnsen
11pm - Jordan Harris
12am - Mosby

Sat Nov 21 at Dante's

8pm - Redwood Son
9pm - Lucy Gray
10pm - One From Many
11pm - Black Powder County
12am - Tyranny of Hours

Sat Nov 21 at Star Theater

8pm - Harper
9pm - emotitron
10pm - Goldfoot
11pm - Berahmand
12am - ADDverse Effects


ADDverse Effects

Live hip-hop band ADDverse Effects started in Norman, Oklahoma in 2012 and, after garnering acclaim across that state, decided to bring their unique style to Portland. The band’s debut EP, ‘Just A Taste’ via On Tap Records (co-produced by Jarod Evans of Blackwatch Studios [Sufjan Stevens, The Flaming Lips, Broncho]), was released in March2015 to critical acclaim and a spot in the iTunes Hot Indie Hip-Hop Top 50 chart. ADDverse Effects’ sound combines their hip-hop roots with elements of Reggae, acid jazz, punk, and new wave, creating its’ own lane while bringing the party and positivity with every sound they create.ADDverse Effects are stockpiling tracks for an EP later this year as well as their first full-length album in 2016.

Bart Hafeman

Multi-Intrumentalist Bart Hafeman​ has years of musical experience ranging from owning his own recording studio to singing lead vocals for the NW's favorite cover band, Hit Machine​. Bart regularly performs across the northwest at some of the biggest events in the region, honing his energetic & engaging style. Bart has channeled all that energy and experience into a collection of new songs (ZERO GRAVITY, available on iTunes) packed with infectious pop/rock hooks. Recently, Bart and Hit Machine were chosen to open for REO Speedwagon​ at Amphitheater Northwest​.


The songs on Berahmand’s latest release, EMPRESS, are “rock & roll, new wave, soul, and electronic blended pop songs with big dance beats, inspirational themes, and some dirty production."Berahmand professes a love for classic sounds and old school recording techniques that “make ya work for the song.”He doesn’t use the tricks of computers and all the current editing software, just a cheap old basic recorder, and some other pretty cool instruments. “Some of my favorite artists work is done like this. You know, true and perfectly imperfect, or I guess one would say, honest."

Black Powder Country

Black Powder County is everything the band's name suggests and more. They have an undoubtedly explosive modern rock feel, while returning to roots of the hard hitting, punchy, raw sounds made famous by bands like Aerosmith, AC/DC, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Rose Tattoo. They have a sense of danger and that untamed beauty that was synonymous in bands like Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, and in Black Powder County’s opinion has been the sound and energy missing for far too long. Their explosive rock sound marks the spot for a new beginning and revitalization from a band of rock & roll brothers united by an unbridled desire & passion toward a suddenly brighter future.


Emotitron is a strange yet hooky progressive original pop band formed by four gentlemen seeking to test their abilities at singing difficult harmonies, while still creating ear candy with a broad audience appeal.


Hailing from Portland Oregon’s rain soaked streets, Flurries write songs about loving madly, driving gladly, and letting go in a style that is reminiscent of progressive rock supergroups and 80's new wave icons.Flurries' debut is grittier than pop but peppered with hooks that will keep you humming along for days; big sound layered with heavy guitars, light harmonies and lyrical storytelling that come together with a weightless, almost ethereal feel. Musically diverse and unusual, yet strangely familiar.


Goldfoot music transcends all cultures and demographics by creating a contagious musical formula using elements from the past, present, and future. While predominantly using rock, funk, and electronic music, you can also find blues, soul and jazz within their sound. Paired with well-written and catchy lyrics, Goldfoot creates an irresistible cocktail of sound that leaves your ears asking for more.


In a city where indie-rock house shows rule our living room stage, the band Harper is breaking onto the scene and causing waves. From a sassy brunette, to a Canadian, all the way to a campus minister, this unique trio is anything but conventional. As if their look wasn't enough to pique your curiosities, Harper's soul-pop sound leaves your expectations scattered on the ground. With powerhouse vocals, sexy harmonies, and a rhythm section that'll make you jealous, Harper is sure to leave you humming their tunes come Monday morning. Be sure to keep your eyes on this one. This Portland based band consists of Alyssa Fitchie (vocals), Josue Rivas (vocals & guitar) and Brandi Miller (percussion).

Jordan Harris

In any given setting, a striking performance can be expected from singer-songwriter Jordan Harris and his adaptive Portland based duo, which are on their way to achieving a reputation as first class musicians. Harris embraced Portland, OR as a breath of fresh air freed from his small town roots. Since first writing and recording his own songs in his late teens, he’s embarked on a journey that’s presented a wide range of opportunities. Harris has received nominations as “Best Male Artist” of the Portland Music Awards, “Best Emerging Artist” of Deli Music Magazine and was selected for televised performances on ABC’s “AM Northwest” and “America’s Got Talent” (filmed before a sold-out Paramount Theater in Seattle). Harris’ debut album is chalked for a Spring 2016 release.

Haley Johnsen

Haley Johnsen grew up in the rain-soaked atmosphere of the Northwest surrounded by musicians in the industry, but managed to keep her own love of music and perfect pitch a secret. Johnsen was quickly cast into the national spotlight where she captivated American Idol Season 11 viewers making it all the way through to the Top 24 semifinals. Johnsen’s influences range from the eccentricities of bands like Radiohead and Pink Floyd; to classic, folk and indie-rock vocalists such as of Eva Cassidy, Nicole Atkins, Florence Welch and Brandi Carlile – all artists with a flair for the dramatic in their delivery.

Brian Harrison & The Last Draw

The Last Draw was conceived a few years back, mainly as a support cast of musicians for solo work done by Brian Harrison. Later, actually very recently, a solid group of performers were finally “the band”. Amidst the local scene and genres that define Portland, The Last Draw is striving to be a refreshing perspective of stylistic influences that may not stay rooted in one, but a dip into many. Although rooted in “Americana” influences, we believe we are to approach our songwriting and arrangements without a roadmap. Finally having the best group of friends assembled having fun, and positively influencing each other has been achieved. Members Brian Harrison, Brad Grossen, Samuel Schrader, Jody Redifer and Michael Green are going to make a new splash in Portland’s rich original music scene and have some real big plans!

Lucy Gray

Lucy Gray is a hard rock band from Portland, Oregon. Battling guitars, poignant lyrics, driving harmonies, and a freight train rhythm section, keep listeners glued to their headphones, and audiences waiting for another show. With a need to bring together their varying influences, Lucy Gray finds a way to meld 90’s Alternative Rock with the dance beats of the 80’s. You’ll want a long relationship with Lucy Gray.

Mike Dean Damron

There is hope. Well, maybe “hope” is a strong word as Michaeal Dean Damron doesn't expect to win, he's just unable to give up, like an old man perched on a cliff, staring up at the wall of water about to crush him, howling “Fuck you! You never got me down!” If Mike isn't hope, at least he is a grimy speck of reality. One forearm bears a hideous homemade tattoo of a sickly dolphin leaping out of cartoony waves done by a drug buddy with a guitar string after a days-long meth bender. There's a knot of scar tissue between the thumb and forefinger on his right hand where he bites the skin when he's worried (he worries a lot). It's been a long time since he was a boxer in the Army's 101st Airborne Division. The years on the road have taken their toll-- skin yellowed from the Camels and PBR, bags under his eyes that will never go away. But for as long as he's been out of the gym, his shoulders are still bigger than most mens' thighs. Mike is not a guy you want to piss off. And on Mayberry, he's in his pissed-off prime.


Mosby is an alternative/rock band from Portland Oregon. Their eclectic music notably fuses elements of pop, reggae, funk, jazz, and even psychedelic rock. The bands performance possesses an energetic physicality that can only be experienced at a live show. With two full length albums, an EP, three music videos, three radio singles, a busy touring schedule, and a ever growing fan base, Mosby continuously proves them selves to be one of the northwest most prominent up and coming acts!

Metts, Ryan, and Collins

All three members of Metts, Ryan, & Collins (Geoff Metts, Dain Ryan, Michael Collins) are veterans of the Portland music scene and individually have an impressive list of accomplishments under their belt, including Portland-based rock, funk and soul revue band Ants In The Kitchen. The three have come together to form a no-holds barred, in your face, blues/rock band. Despite the fact that they've only been together for one year, they've already created a buzz in the Pacific Northwest, including sold-out shows, a feature on the international travel show Next Stop TV Show, local music showcase Northwest Roots, Portland Radio Project and PDX Spotlight. And if that isn't enough, their song "Oregon" has been featured during the home games of the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers

One From Many

Hailing from home of the weird and perpetually weirder, Portland, Oregon, alternative rock band One From Many has been churning out compelling music for several years and has garnered a name for themselves by being honest in their writing.  Always melodic with a strong lyrical and emotional base that is derived from their influences from church hymns to Pearl Jam and The Beach Boys among many, many others.  OFM is set to release their sophomore EP, “29:11”, on Olea Records with the debut of a new lineup and additional instrumentation.  The new EP features heavy doses of acoustic guitar, strings and percussion and really leans on their more raw and pop influences including: Ryan Adams, James Bay, Matchbox 20, Tonic, Counting Crows and Chris Isaak. This band thrives on songwriting and is relishing “hitting their stride” on the album.


Hearkening back to the days when guitars were loud, drums were heavy, and vocals were howling, pseudoboss is an original rock trio born 30 years too late. After retrofitting the lineup in late 2014, pseudoboss is primed for big things in Winter 2015 as they prepare to release their first full length EP. Hard-driving and emotive, dynamic and stirring, pseudoboss hopes to gain the respect of their peers while entertaining a broad spectrum of generations.


Redcast is a pop / rock act from Portland, Oregon, formed in 2012. The band originally consisted of three brothers: Seth Brock (lead vocals, keyboards), Jarrod Brock (guitars), and Darren Brock (bass). After the independent release of their 2012 album Talent Show Runner-Ups, the trio added two more brothers, Gibson and Jamin Coy (lead guitars and drums, respectively).

Redwood Son

Redwood Son hasdone a great deal of growing up since being named Portland Music Awards’ “Best New Artist” in 2011. The road will do that to a person and, with 60k miles underhis belt over the past 3 years, there is a new-found focus for 2015. The songs recorded for the new release (with producer Steve Berlin of Los Lobos) promise to bring a more mature approach to some timeless folk tunes. Expect vintage tones with contemporary stylings; you may even hear a few dusts of country music. Life brings tragedy, and those bleed feelings. Redwood Son is not one to run from the woes that come along from time to time, and he’s also not afraid to speak his mind about it. The future is bright for this local old-soul, now considered a veteran of the Pacific Northwest music scene.

Tyranny of Hours

Songwriters Don Graham and Michelle Mattair formed Tyranny of Hours late 2010, blending a love of European Metal, Progressive/Symphonic Rock, and 70’s Fusion with their hallmark melodies and soaring vocals. TOH brings a whole new level of precision and intensity to its music and vibrant live show with high production values. The band plans to  release of their highly-anticipated 2nd album in 2016.


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